This Privacy Policy is designed to tell you about this web site's practices regarding the collection, use and disclosure of any information you may provide via its web pages. When you use this site, you consent to the collection and use of that information in accordance with this privacy policy statement.

Data Collection

The member areas of this site require you to actively submit information in order for you to benefit from the services provided, such as fixture list registration. At this point you will be asked what your options are regarding the use of the email address you supplied when registering. There are two options: Your email address can be, on your acceptance, used by the owners of this site to promote their own and third party services; Your email address can be used by the owners of this site to notify you of system activity regarding this web site. You may choose either, both or none of these options, regardless of which option you choose, the owners of this site will not actively disclose your email address to any third party.

We will only collect your email address during registration.

There are a number of advertising links within the site, the owners of this web site are not responsible for the content of the advertising web sites, or any data you submit to the advertising web sites.

Your computer is assigned an IP address by your Internet Service Provider (ISP) to enable you to access the internet. This number is regarded as non-personally identifiable information, as in most cases it is different each time you connect to your ISP. The site owners use your IP address for system diagnostic purposes and logging site usage.


A piece of data stored on your computer locally, normally called a cookie, contains information, normally to track your movements within a web site. In the case of this web site, cookies are used for a number of purposes. Cookies are used to store non personal unique identification strings to identify your computer for the duration of your visit, they remain active until you delete them, they expire after a specified amount of time or for session cookies which expire when you close your web browser. The advertisements on this web site are provided by third parties and may use cookies to track the fact that you came from this web site via one of the advertisements. You have the option within your browser to turn off cookies, doing this will not stop you from using this web site but some areas and services of the site will become unusable.


Except where otherwise stated, the site owners may use the information you provide to improve the site, customise the web site to your preferences, identify you for the duration of your visit, track links to on site advertisements, serve system notices, serve permission based third party or internal promotion notices and allow access to member services.

Links to Other Web Sites

This web site contains links to other web sites. It is important to note that this privacy policy does not apply to those web sites. It is recommended that you read the privacy policy statement of each web site you visit.